Top ten lecturer of the year, 2010

I was really pleased to learn last week that I was short-listed for UniJobs ‘Lecturer of the Year,’ finishing eighth out of the all-Australia results (and second for Macquarie University staff, behind the excellent Prof. Michael Gillings).

Thanks to all the students who voted for me. The prize was an unexpected honour, as I didn’t even really know that the contest was going on. Thanks also to Paul Mason, my head TA who apparently put the students up to this!

The top ten listing is here.

Story in The Australian

last year, in the lead-up to the Australian Anthropological Society meeting, I was interviewed by The Australian. Jovan Maud, my former colleague, was kind enough to point it out at Culture Matters, Greg Downey in The Australian.

Diverse paths to human understanding, by Jill Rowbotham (The Australian).