Some of my best online columns

The irony is that I’ve written so many blog posts that I sometimes don’t even recognize what I’ve written. I’m proud of a lot of them, surprised to reread them, and just really enjoyed the feedback and response to them, in all kinds of ways.

Synesthesia & metaphor — I’m not feeling it
Girls gone guilty: Evolutionary psych on sex #2
Identical twins not… err… identical?
Girls closing math gap?: Troubles with intelligence #1
Bad brain science: Boobs caused subprime crisis
Chicks dig jerks?: Evolutionary psych on sex #1
We hate memes, pass it on…
Lose your shoes: Is barefoot better?
What do these enigmatic women want?
Fear of Twitter: technophobia part 2
Talent: A difference that makes a difference
Throwing like a girl(‘s brain)
Balance between cultures: equilibrium training

Exporting American mental illness
Is Facebook rotting our children’s brains?
Thinking through Claude Lévi-Strauss
Thinking to change your brain: Sharon Begley in the WSJ
We agree it’s WEIRD, but is it WEIRD enough?
Life without language
The new linguistic relativism: Guy Deutscher in the NYTimes
The dog-human connection in evolution
Slipping into psychosis: living in the prodrome (part 1)
Vital topics forum in AA: ‘Nature and the human’

One of the best online pieces I have, I can’t take full credit for. Daniel Lende and I wrote a joint statement of the state of Neuroanthropology before our conference in 2009: The Encultured Brain: Why Neuroanthropology? Why Now?  This piece later got incorporated into our introduction for our book, The Encultured Brain: An Introduction to Neuroanthropology.



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