Anth323 Culture & human rights

Culture and Human Rights (Anth 323, 2013)


Based on graphic by Andrew Schatz (cc by 3.0)

Download: anth323_hr_syllabus_2013

Click on the title of the file to download the pdf (40 pages). We do this unit on a year-on, year-off rotation, so this is the 2013 version of the course ‘outline’ (what we call a syllabus in Australia). The outline is very comprehensive, including substantial supplementary bibliographies on each weekly topic to help students with their independent research projects.

One of the reasons that I’m posting these resources is because, when I was trying to put together this human rights syllabus, I found really helpful resources online, especially through the American Anthropology Association’s Committee for Human Rights, which has a great page with all sorts of syllabi that teachers of anthropological courses on human rights have submitted (the syllabus search page is here).



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