Journal articles

In preparation. ‘The senses in neuroanthropology: The enculturation of equilibrium.’

Accepted (1, 2014). With Monica Dalidowicz and Paul Mason. ‘Apprenticeship as method: Embodied learning in ethnographic practice.’ Qualitative Research.

2014. ‘All forms of writing.’ Mind & Language. 29(3): 304-319. DOI: 10.1111/mila.12052

2014.   ‘Habitus in extremis: from embodied culture to bio-cultural development.’ Body & Society 20(2): 113 117. doi: 10.1177/1357034X14524603

2014.   ‘“As Real As It Gets!”: Producing Hyperviolence in Mixed Martial Arts.’ JOMEC Journal: Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies 5: For a special issue on Martial Arts Studies. Located at:

2012.   With Daniel Lende. ‘Neuroanthropology and Its Applications.’ Annals of Anthropological Practice 36(1): 1-25. (Table of Contents for special edition: Neuroanthropology and Its Applications.)

2012.   ‘Culture variation in rugby skills: A preliminary neuroanthropological report.’ Annals of Anthropological Practice 36(1): 26-44. (Abstract)

2010.  ‘“Practice without Theory”: A neuroanthropological perspective on embodied learning.’  For a special issue ‘Making Knowledge’, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 16(s1): S22-S40.
(Reprinted in Making Knowledge: Explorations of the Indissoluble Relation Between Mind, Body and Environment (2010), edited by Trevor H. J. Marchand.  Pp. 21-38.  Wiley-Blackwell.)

2009.  With Eric Brymer and Tonia Gray.  ‘Extreme sports as a precursor to environmental sustainability.’  Journal of Sport & Tourism 14(2): 193-204.

2008.  With Tracey J Dickson, Tonia Gray, Jeni Saunders, and Cath Newman. ‘Profiling Australian Snowsport Injuries: A Snapshot from the Snowy Mountains.’  Journal of Sport & Tourism 13(4): 273-295.

2008.  ‘Scaffolding Imitation in Capoeira: Physical Education and Enculturation in an Afro-Brazilian Art.’  American Anthropologist 110(2): 204-213.

2007.  ‘Producing Pain: Techniques and Technologies in No-Holds-Barred Fighting.’ Social Studies of Science 37(2): 201-226.

2005.   ‘Educating the Eyes: Biocultural Anthropology and Physical Education.’  Anthropology in Action: Journal for Applied Anthropology in Policy and Practice 12(2): 56-71.

2002.   ‘Domesticating an Urban Menace: Efforts to Reform Capoeira as a Brazilian National Sport.’ International Journal of the History of Sport 19(2): 1-32.

2002.   ‘Listening to Capoeira: Phenomenology, Embodiment, and the Materiality of Music.’ Ethnomusicology 46 (3): 487-509.

1994.  ‘Ladies’ Night at Exedus: Dancing Humor, Sex, and Subversion.’  repercussions 3(2): 96-115.


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  1. Dear Sir, It feels very happy reading your articles with various topic. Your experinces in conducting research is also admitted everywher. Today I read your article in current anthropology “Being Human in Cities”. It inspires me to post my research on journal. But I am new in this world. I found difficulty in finding journal’s contact person who can facilitate me in this journal. In this occasion I would like to ask you how I can reach the journal of current anthropology. Thank you very much for your kind attention. Best regards, Tuty M.

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