Anth207 Psychological Anthro

Download: Syllabus for Anth 207

Anth207sylcoverClick on the link above to download the syllabus for ‘Psychological Anthropology: Body, Brain, Culture’ (Anth 207, 2013).

This course was designed to follow on from some of the key issues raised in Anth 151, including the distinct cognitive and neurological capacities of humans. To understand human diversity, it’s especially important to reflect on the complex interactions between our thoughts, our brains, our bodies, and the societies in which we live.

The previous year that I taught this course, I was fortunate to divide the duties with Dr. Gabriele Marranci. In 2013, I was solely responsible for the lectures, but I had amazing support from Anupom Roy and Edwina James. So I put up the version that I taught in 2013.

The Prezis that were used for each week’s lectures are also available here.

The official description for the course, including basic information, is available at Macquarie University’s ‘Units’ database.


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