After Open2Study


Click on the graphic to go to the Prezi for ‘After Open2Study.’

For Learning and Teaching Week 2013 at Macquarie University, I was asked to discuss my experience with Open2Study. I tried to talk about my own experience in light of MOOC fatigue, the sense that the excitement when a wave of Massive Online Open Courses started by several Stanford offerings captured the imagination (and fears) of the tertiary education sector.

In the talk, I argued that the MOOC production experience was invaluable, but that I wouldn’t do another one. To me, big-budget, venture capital-backed MOOCs were one of the most conservative responses to new opportunities presented by technology. New educational opportunities online may not resemble anything like the standard on-campus courses, either in terms of scope or design.

In the talk (as in my forthcoming piece on MOOCs in American Anthropologist), I offered the larger framing concept of OOPS — an online open publishing strategy — to suggest that we might reconceptualise online resources as a form of publishing, letting them assume a much wider range of formats and avoiding the moral hazard that arose when our online offerings too closely resembled our core service as an institution.

Prezi for ‘After Open2Study’.


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