Unpublished papers

The unpublished and unpublishable

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2006. ‘Athletes, Anthropology, and Evolution; or Is Homo
 sapiens Really the Brainy Geek of the Animal Kingdom?’ Paper presented 28 February, 2006. Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, ACT.2006_gdowney_athletesAIS

An early version of an argument I’ve been making about the importance of understanding skill and the bias that is introduced into our understanding of human nature by our extremely sedentary lifestyles. I’ve presented a similar paper, in a much shorter format, at the American Anthropological Association as well. 

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2009. ‘Do we really need Bourdieu? Question for ‘An Anthropological Existence: Conversations with Michael Jackson,’ plenary panel at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Australian Anthropological Society (which I organized). Presented in Sydney, Australia, 8 December, 2009. 2009_GDowney_MJPlenary

This short little paper was a question that I put to Prof. Michael Jackson in a plenary session that I organized in his honour during the 2009 annual meeting of the Australian Anthropological Society (which I also organized). Although I wrote it in a bit of a haze, bombarded with questions and logistical nightmares that seemed to be never-ending, some students said that they found the question interesting. They were duly rewarded for acts of extraordinary obsequiousness.


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