First video in ‘Neuroanth 101’: WEIRD psychology

I’ve just launched publicly the first video in a new project, ‘Neuroanthropology 101: Body, Brain, Culture.’ The first video is on Youtube here, and it’s titled: WEIRD Psychology.

More information, including the script of the video can be found at in a new section for Neuroanth 101. For the moment, this is the first piece of the puzzle, but I’ll be slowly rolling out new videos.

There’s lots I could say about this video. It’s my first attempt at a ‘no budget, no camera’ conceptual video, using a wealth of public domain and creative commons resources. I’m excited about using this channel as a way to expand my ability to produce open resources and to share neuroanthropology. So far, the reception on our Neuranthropology Interest Group has been really positive, but this is a very sympathetic audience.


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