Feedback on my MOOC: Becoming Human

Helen Carter at the Macquarie University Teche blog found a great comment from a student who had taken my Open2Study MOOC: ‘Becoming Human: Anthropology.’

One of my goals in producing the the MOOC was to encourage people to pursue university-level instruction, no matter what their age, so this comment was especially gratifying:

I can only say thank you, Open2study and Greg Downey. You have no idea what this means to me. It may not seem like a great achievement, but to know I can learn and comprehend and pass a course is a gift.

Brilliant introduction to both Anthropology and Study. As an older and first time student i now feel confident that i can further my knowledge in Anthropology. I feel quite proud of myself! Loved watching Prof. Greg Downey! He makes even the the most confusing topics a piece of cake 🙂

As I argue in a piece on ‘open education’ that’s forthcoming in American Anthropologist, we need to make sure that anthropology isn’t just ‘open’ in the sense that our journals and the things we write are not behind pay walls. Making anthropology truly ‘open’ means creating channels that help to invite people in.

Helen Carter, ‘Successful Open Education Course.’


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