New video for Anth 151 for prospective students

The Macquarie University teaching weblog, Teche, picked up and promoted our new video to promote Anth 151, ‘Human evolution and diversity.’ Their story is here: What’s New in Anthropology?

I’m trying to experiment with low budget and zero budget video, to show what is possible given the new ubiquitous technologies of video and photography.  Virtually every one of us in Australia is now carrying a video camera at all times on our phones, and yet we are only slowly using video as a teaching tool. At the same time, the visual literacy of our audience is growing, including their capacity to deal with and process visual information from handheld devices. The tools for producing videos that come standard on a laptop, or are available at very reasonable prices, have made it possible to produce remarkable visual presentations.

One example of what I’m trying to do is the promotional video for the Fiji Field School (Anth 225, 2015):

A little more sophisticated is the video we did with technical support (but using prosumer technology and a quick turnaround):


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